Based on the best-selling Young Adult book series, FALLEN tells the story of 17-year-old Lucinda “Luce” Price, who is sent to a reform school in Savannah, Ga., after she is accused of starting a fire that leaves a young boy dead. At Sword & Cross, Luce struggles to find her place, new faces show up in unexpected places and she doesn't know who to trust. But she finds friendship in PENN, an awkward wise-cracker who knows her way around the school. Then Luce's eyes are turned toward two charming young men — DANIEL & CAM. Before long, Luce finds herself in the middle of a love triangle – courting these two mysterious young men. On a quest to uncover secrets from her past, the shy Luce discovers the two men are fallen angels, competing for her love for centuries. Luce must choose where her feelings lie, pitting heaven against hell in an epic battle over true love.
Kathryn Price (The Game Plan, The Mole)
Lauren Kate (Torment - Best Selling Novel, Fallen - Best Selling Novel)
Michael Ross (Meet Joe Black, Jerry Maguire)
Nichole Millard (The Game Plan, Imaginary Bitches)
Scott Hicks (Shine, The Lucky One)
Bill Johnson
Gordon Gray (Miracle, Invincible)
Mark Ciardi (The Rookie, Miracle)
Addison Timlin (That Awkward Moment, Derailed)
Jeremy Irvine (War Horse, The Railway Man)
Harrison Gilbertson (Need for Speed, Beneath Hill 60)
Romance / Fantasy
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